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    New Civic Center

    Brightworks is supporting the City of Fremont to lay the groundwork for site-wide sustainability features across its new, six-acre Civic Center development, which will host city offices, a community center, private housing, and a parking structure.

    California Conservation Corps Youth Center

    The California Conservation Core’s new 45,000-square-foot Youth Center will protect wetlands and prevent stormwater pollution to the 20-acre site. Ten new buildings will house residential, programmatic, recreation, utility, and administrative spaces.

    Arts Building

    Consolidating arts programs into a shared building at the heart of campus unleashes synergies for students and faculty alike, with studios, practice rooms, gallery, recital space, classrooms, and offices under one roof.

    Schnitzer Center for Art and Design

    This sustainable renovation of a 1919 Federal building uses less water, produces less sewage, consumes less energy, and generates less solid waste than a conventional building, allowing it to achieve its ambitious LEED target — Platinum certification.