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Live Work Play ‘Aiea Sustainability Planning

This 14-acre, mixed-use development is evaluating integrated sustainability strategies site-wide that will meet local requirements, provide meaningful results for the community, and create a culturally and environmentally rich place to live, work and play.

Canyon Power Plant

Anaheim’s first 200-megawatt natural gas power plant can produce electricity locally and less expensively for more than half of Anaheim’s population. Solar panels and water reuse helped the facility achieve LEED Silver certification.

Amberglen Corporate Campus Sustainability Strategy

The district system study for this 600-acre development included an inventory of the site’s water, energy, and open space resources; an assessment of potential district systems; a review of the development program; and a conceptual district energy plan.

Voinovich Bridge INVEST Certification

Infamous in environmental history for erupting in flames, today the Cuyahoga River boasts an innovation in sustainability: this new bridge, seeking certification under the Federal Highway Administration’s new INVEST sustainability rating system.

Durham Influent Pump Station

The first U.S. wastewater pump station to earn LEED Silver certification computerized the massive pumps in its wet wells to dramatically reduce energy consumption. Additionally, variable frequency drives operate the pumps at maximum efficiency.