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Nebraska Data Center LEED Energy Credit Strategy

With its specialized expertise in data centers, Brightworks helped Fidelity demonstrate a 24% energy cost savings in its new Nebraska data center, securing the owner and the design team 7 LEED points and helping fulfill the owner’s LEED Gold target.

Cross Dock

This freight motor carrier’s Executive Vice President called the LEED measures in this 70-door, 80,000-square-foot facility, “common sense solutions that will help us meet our business goals while also being responsible, environmental...

Voinovich Bridge INVEST Certification

Infamous in environmental history for erupting in flames, today the Cuyahoga River boasts an innovation in sustainability: this new bridge, seeking certification under the Federal Highway Administration’s new INVEST sustainability rating system.

220 Illinois Apartments

When complete, this downtown Chicago tower will rise 25 stories and boast LEED Gold certification.

Nebraska Data Center

Following certification for its offices in Sunnyvale and Bangalore, Yahoo! achieved LEED certification for this data center as part of its plan to reduce carbon intensity per unit of computing power by 40%.