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    Executive Briefing Center

    This LEED Platinum renovation and addition at HP’s headquarters facility in Palo Alto serves as the new main entrance to the campus. Housing offices, café, and gallery spaces, the facility serves as a briefing center for executives.

    The LEED Platinum certification of HP’s new Executive Briefing Center at its Palo Alto headquarters aligned with HP’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from HP-owned and leased facilities by 20 percent relative to 2005 levels by the end of 2013.

    The design of the Executive Briefing Center makes it a museum for customers to explore HP’s latest technologies in an immersive natural setting. HP customers from around the world will visit the Executive Briefing Center for up to several days at a time to learn about HP products and services. Some products will be featured in two gallery-style “Techworks” rooms, while others will be discussed in one of seven meeting rooms, each with natural air, views, and its own balcony for stretch breaks.

    The 37,700-square-foot building’s floor-to-ceiling glass walls make the outdoors visible from every space, including the enclosed courtyard that wraps around a massive California oak tree. The new facility showcases HP’s commitment to continued technological progress, customer satisfaction, and sustainability.

    A fully staffed concierge service will greet the expected 8,000 visitors a year at the front of the building, and an internal “nerve center” will house support staff and IT operations for the building.

    The building is powered by renewable energy and is designed to use less potable water and up to 50 percent less irrigation water. Efficient LED fixtures light internal displays, and local materials are showcased throughout.

    At a Glance

    • Palo Alto, CA
    • LEED Platinum