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National Park Service

Yellowstone National Park Youth Conservation Corps Campus Biophilic Design & Biomimicry Workshop

Brightworks developed and led the Living Building Challenge-required biophilic design workshop for this Youth Conservation Corps Campus and will ensure and verify implementation of the measures selected by the client and the design team.

Brightworks is managing the Living Building Challenge and LEED Platinum program for Yellowstone National Park’s new Youth Conservation Corps Campus.  The Living Building Challenge 3.0 rating system requires projects to integrate biophilic design principles.  As the project manager for the entire Living Building Challenge certification process, Brightworks developed and led the required full-day biophilic design workshop for the project team.

Brightworks’ staff used their expertise in biophilic design and biomimicry to develop a customized biophilic design framework for the Yellowstone Youth Conservation Corps project with inputs unique to the site of the National Park.

During the day-long work shop, Brightworks facilitated the team in refining ideas, building consensus, and developing specific biophilic design strategies for the project. As the project continues, Brightworks will verify implementation of the biophilic design strategies and document them for credit toward the project’s Living Building Challenge and LEED Platinum certification.

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  • Yellowstone National Park, WY