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    Brightworks’ Leadership in Healthy and Sustainable Materials

    Brightworks’ material scoring methodology makes it easier to choose better building products.

    Brightworks’ Materials Practice

    Brightworks Sustainability is an industry leader in healthy and sustainable building materials, pioneering groundbreaking projects with clients including Salesforce, LinkedIn, Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), Related, and others.

    Our Healthy and Sustainable Materials Services include:

    • Certification support for green building projects, such as materials support for LEED version 4 Materials and Resources and Low Emitting Materials credits, ILFI Living Building Challenge Materials Petal, and ILFI Zero Carbon Certification.
    • Embodied carbon reduction strategies and Whole Building Life Cycle Assessments for LEED and ILFI Zero Carbon Certification.
    • Sustainable product consulting for manufacturers, such as guidance to improve the sustainability strategy of manufacturing companies and optimize their products to meet today’s rigorous green building programs, including LEED, WELL, the Living Building Challenge and others.
    • Custom healthy and sustainable materials consulting for building owners and project teams seeking to demonstrate real leadership with the materials they select, whether for individual buildings or entire portfolios.

    Sharing Progress at Building Industry Conferences

    Team members from Brightworks Sustainability appear frequently at green building industry events to share innovations related to their work with healthy and sustainable materials. Recent and upcoming conference appearances include:

    Living Product Expo

    “Keeping Score: Engaging the Broader Market to Advance Industry Change”

    October 8-10, 2019 in Nashville, TN

    Speakers: Jeff Frost, Brightworks’ Project Manager and Materials Specialist; Lona Rerick, ZGF; Tim Conway, Shaw Industries; Jack Dinning, Parsons School of Design

    Design industry leaders are marching toward innovative work with sustainable materials, and many manufacturers have quickly optimized their products to satisfy bleeding edge customers. But the greater industry lags behind these dedicated leaders, struggling to prioritize between new certifications or impact categories like human health, embodied carbon or social justice.

    A new scoring methodology is inviting the broader market into the material revolution by boiling down existing product standards into simple, actionable scores. Professionals in manufacturing, architecture and academia will share how this methodology can propel our whole industry forward by making it easier to create and choose greener materials.

    Learn more about this session at Living Product Expo 2019

    Living Product Expo

    “Crowdsourcing Rest List Compliance from Coast to Coast”

    October 8-10, 2019 in Nashville, TN

    Speakers: Alex Setmajer, Brightworks’ Project Manager and Materials Specialist; Jason Jewhurst, Bruner/Cott Architects and Planners; Charley Stevenson, Integrated Eco Strategy/Red2Green; Lona Rerick, ZGF

    Finding and using healthy materials is easier than ever! Those days of super-sized spreadsheets, daunting documentation management – and beginning every Materials Petal project from scratch – are over. Crowdsourcing techniques now help expand a growing materials database, ratcheting progress on multiple fronts.

    Representing several perspectives, including ILFI’s healthy materials platform partner and experienced LBC project teams, presenters will detail their experiences and offer case studies, including challenges and triumphs. Through discussion and input from attendees, including owners, designers, builders and manufacturers, the session will then move to a consideration of new ideas for methods and process features that can enhance future progress for all.

    Learn more about this session at Living Product Expo 2019



    “A User’s Guide to the New Material Marketplace”

    July 25, 2019 in San Francisco, CA

    Speakers: Alex Setmajer, Brightworks’ Project Manager and Materials Specialist and Melanie Lowe, Senior Manager of Workplace Design at Salesforce

    Many companies want to choose more sustainable products for their buildings, but lose steam trying to understand and navigate the complex landscape of certifications, labels and lists of chemicals to avoid. With years of experience on this challenging journey, global CRM leader Salesforce is releasing their Healthy Materials Manual to the public to act as a road map for this increasingly-specialized subject.

    Discover lessons learned from three years of a comprehensive approach to increasing product health and sustainability criteria, and learn how a global approach to materials contributes to positive health and environmental outcomes, and helps meet LEED v4 Materials and Resources credit requirements.

    Learn more about this session at GreenerBuilder